A world of health at RiminiWellness

Last weekend, Clust-ER Health participated in RiminiWellness 2024, promoting innovation in the health and wellness sector with a programme rich of events and collaborations, and bringing the innovative solutions of its members to the attention of the numerous visitors who attended the event. Through workshops, presentations and collaborations, the participation of Clust-ER Health in the 2024 edition of RiminiWellness highlighted once again and in a context typically dedicated to a “consumer” audience, the importance of innovatoin and collaboration between the actors of the territory to improve collective health and wellbeing.

The three innovative companies eSteps, Lingatech and VST Srl, which offer advanced solutions for the monitoring of health and wellness through different approaches, were available for the full duration of the event within the Innovation Arena, in the same pavilion as Technogym. These companies showed how new technologies can be integrated into daily activities to improve the quality of life.

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Voices from the Observatory: bringing the science of health to the attention of the sports audience

Among the ideas that emerged during the first meetings relating to our participation in the fair, this was precisely what was proposed to us: suggestions and points of view to combine scientific evidence and the possibility of innovation in the field of health and sport. An ambitious objective, but which saw important brainstorming and ideation work on the part of the ad hoc scientific committee, which saw the participation of Prof. Laura Calzà (Unibo – Fondazione IRET), Dr. Milena Fini (Istituto Ortopedico Rizzoli), Dr. Carlo Tacconi (mHealth Technologies) and Prof. Giuseppe Mincolelli (Unife). Thanks to them, the professionals in the research and clinical, preclinical and sports practice sectors who were involved in the first of the workshops planned by our program on Thursday 30 May, were identified. “Mens Sana in Corpore Sano: Innovations and Technology for Health and Rehabilitation” allowed to explore current trends in technological evolution and behavior models, presenting strategies for maintaining physical and mental health, the use of technology in patient rehabilitation and behavioural change. Experts discussed how technological innovations can support rehabilitation and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Pictured from left: Lisa Berti, Laura Simoncini, Alberto Grassi, Simona Mandini, Tommaso Piva, Luca Lorenzini.

Destination Wellness: tourism, especially sports tourism, also improves health

Thanks to the fruitful collaboration with Clust-ER Turismo and the Technopole of Rimini, we have addressed a very interesting point of view with a lot of public participation, namely how tourism and sport revolutionise health. Thanks to the interventions, the role of sports tourism in promoting and facilitating physical exercise and the prevention of chronic diseases was highlighted, an approach that could become crucial in a population increasingly close to aging and in strong need of strategies to promote healthy life. This event showed how active holidays can stimulate the local economy and promote healthy lifestyles by integrating sports and outdoor activities. Furthermore, the importance of accessibility and inclusiveness in tourism, offering new opportunities to people with special needs, was discussed.

A perfect opportunity also to talk about the activities of the Interreg project Adrinclusive, presented by Giorgia Battelli of the Fondazione Maratona Alzheimer, our member involved on the front line in the project.

Pictured from left: Sauro Vicini, Lorenzo Succi, Pasqualino Maietta, Andrea Piccinini, Giorgia Battelli.

Clust-ER Health also had the precious opportunity to welcome EPSI, an international organisation that promotes innovation in the sports sector, to show the potential and occasions for a discussion on challenges and opportunities in sports innovation during the next editions of RiminiWellness.

The fair highlighted how technology and artificial intelligence are changing the world of sport and wellness. From improving sports performance to preventing injuries, technology plays a crucial role. Among the startups presented, Uell uses artificial intelligence for personalised psychophysical assessments, IppocraTech offers advanced health monitoring, and eSteps offers solutions to improve the mobility of patients with motor disabilities.

The event also explored corporate wellbeing that offers athlete performance tracking platforms and customised training programs for employees’ wellbeing. This trend reflects the growing importance of wellbeing within companies, with initiatives that encourage healthy lifestyles among workers, a theme that Clust-ER Health will also be able to explore during future participations.

After this edition, we are already waiting to plan the next one and to continue this virtuous collaboration, also increasing the scope and attractiveness with international guests from the world of innovation.

The Clust-ERs are financed by the European Funds of the Emilia-Romagna Region - ERDF ROP 2014-2020