Clust-ER goes international: the next international steps

It promises to be a rather lively autumn from the point of view of international commitments for the Clust-ER Health, which already has many events planned both in Europe and in Japan.

Fairs, business matching and meetings of European projects, in fact, will be opportunities to strengthen relations with international stakeholders and to create more opportunities for exploration by regional members.

International events

Here in detail the steps in September, October and November:

Life Science Baltics (Vilnius, 20-21 September): the Clust-ER Health will participate in the event with an intervention on the regional ecosystem, together with the other Italian Clusters

Bio Spain (Barcelona, 26-28 September): Clust-ER Health will participate as a visitor

EU Japan Biopartnering Conference (Osaka, 10 October): one-to-one meetings will be organized with local and European actors to present the projects of the members and establish collaborations

BioJapan (Tokyo, 11-13 October): the Clust-ER Health will be present with a stand within the ICE collective, together with IRST “Dino Amadori” and will participate in business matching meetings

Bio Europe (Munich, 6-8 November): the Clust-ER will participate by meeting the partners of European consortia, including the Council of European Bioregions

Medica (Düsseldorf, 13-16 November): the Clust-ER will participate in the collective organised by CNA Modena and GMA, to present the regional ecosystem together with companies dealing with technologies for health and medical

ER Meets Japan (Tokyo, Osaka and other stages, 13-18 November): institutional mission organized by the Emilia-Romagna Region to explore together with ecosystem actors and members of the Clust-ER Health that perform research activities.

Project meetings

Between October and November there will also be 3 meetings of European projects in which the Clust-ER is involved. In addition to the update meetings for BIOMATDB and SECURE, which will take place respectively in Barcelona and Ljubljana, the kick-off meeting of the AMBITIOUS project will also be organised, involving not only Clust-ER Health, but also Datariver, Clust-ER Innovate and its partner Re:lab.

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