As a consolidated sector of industrial excellence, this VC can count on innovative design activities, from materials to processes, areas of validation and clinical experimentation that strongly shorten the path of new products to the market.

The Strategic Objectives of the new generation Biomedical and Prosthetic VC (BioMedTech) are:

  • Strategic Objective 1 – Integration of Key Enabling Technologies within the main regional production systems in the field of MedTech in order to innovate processes, products and services.
  • Strategic Objective 2 – Integration of the MedTech sector with other technologies, in particular the mechatronics / robotics area in order to expand the application potential of all areas.
  • Strategic Objective 3 – Development, support and pre and post market validation of innovative and smart biomedical devices in order to improve their performance, safety and application possibilities.

TheĀ Value Chain are chaired by a Chair and a Vice Chair, which for the VC BioMedTech are:

Chair of the Value Chain: Aldo Tomasi

Affiliation: TPM “Mario Veronesi / Democenter







Vice Chair dof thella Value Chain: Maria Paola Landini

Affiliation: IRCCS Istituto Ortopedico Rizzoli