The Clust-ER Industries of Health and Wellness, in its role of aggregator and catalyst of sector stakeholders, carries out a series of activities and services to support its members:

  • Lobby for the development of regional innovation policies, through the involvement of members in dialogue with the Emilia-Romagna Region;
  • Support to the development of national and European innovation policies in the Health and Wellness sector through participation in European networks and partnerships and in collaboration with other regional clusters and development agencies;
  • Support for the improvement of the regional education system, also through the analysis of the training needs of the industrial system in order to bring requests for the development and evolution of emerging professional figures;
  • Addressing large strategic projects of regional, national and international value for the strengthening of the ecosystem of regional health and well-being industries;
  • Internationalisation: participation in industry shows and events, such as for example BIO USA, BIO Europe, MEDICA, .. in order to advance the economic development and scientific activities of the members, in particular of Small and Medium Enterprises;
  • Promotion of participation in tenders and partnerships for Research and Innovation projects, also thanks to the interception of project proposals in the definition phase, favoring the creation of consortia involving members of the Clust-ER and supporting the associates in identifying potential partners, also through the organization of networking events;
  • Promotion of members’ activities towards other members and national and international subjects, in order to favor the creation of scientific partnerships or to grow the business opportunities of the member companies of the Clust-ER;
  • Dissemination and promotion of the projects of the members and of the results achieved, through the media channels of the association;
  • Organization and participation in networking events, scientific dissemination, business development and more generally the promotion of the ecosystem, with a regional, national and international character;

The Clust-ERs are financed by the European Funds of the Emilia-Romagna Region - ERDF ROP 2014-2020