Clust-ER Health grows: new staff figures

There are two new people who have joined the staff of Clust-ER, who will enrich the operational core and will manage the part dedicated to European projects and internationalization, increasingly strategic in the actions of the Association.

2022 has brought several innovations within Clust-ER Health. To the great work in progress on the definition of the action plan have been added the confirmations of winning three European projects, which see us involved in the partnership both with operational roles and support for the dissemination and exploitation of the activities carried out. In particular, the BIOMATDB project, which began in June, will require a commitment on all phases of work and an active involvement of members in defining the requirements for the construction of an advanced database on biomaterials. At the same time, the SECURE project, which will start in October, will also require a substantial contribution to the dissemination of the activities carried out in the Region on the promotion of a more sustainable production of radiopharmaceuticals. In March 2023 the MSCA TClock4AD project will start, with the University of Bologna as leader and the Cluster as a local partner for the exploitation activity.

Precisely for this reason, Clust-ER Health has involved a new figure dedicated to project management, who will manage the operational aspects of the projects mentioned.

Dr Clémence Foltz, current project manager at Clust-ER Health, has supported UK academic and clinical scientists with the scoping, application and management of grants as research coordinator and manager. She has developed and implemented information and training events for early-stage researchers and managed aspects of research governance, focusing on activities related to good research practice and research integrity. Today she supports the management and reporting activities of Clust-ER Health projects. She holds a degree in Biotechnology Engineering from the Ecole Supérieure de Biotechnologie de Strasbourg (France) and a PhD in Infection and Immunity from University College London. She is also certified in Research Administration by the Association of Research Managers and Administrators from the United Kingdom.

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The internationalization strategy

The management of European projects is also accompanied by the management of internationalization processes, in particular at European level, which today Dr. Fabrizio Conicella deals with, European and international affairs manager of Clust-ER Health. Former CEO of Life Science District, Venture builder and strategic consultant of several startups and organizations in the field of life sciences, he has held positions in various companies, science parks and organizations, for project management, innovation management, business development and general management. Over the years he has gained experience in supporting organizations and companies, in particular in the definition of the business model, growth and go-to-market strategies and in the evaluation of projects and business plans. He is also a university lecturer and MBA lecturer in innovation management.

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The Clust-ER Health team, thanks to this new structure, is now working more organically on a strategy to strengthen the positioning both at national level, collaborating with the Clusters of other regions and with partners active in supporting entrepreneurship, and at international level, making agreements with European organizations, cultivating networks and developing proposals for joint projects.

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